My photographs represent what is important to me and, like life, evolve over time.


My most recent work comes from the beauty I find when traveling throughout Italy, photographing the breathtaking landscapes, the small towns and larger cities with their diverse and vibrant lives, and the wonderful people that I encounter there. The photographs reflect a place deeper than the stereotypes of Italy and its inhabitants would suggest and give me the opportunity to share what makes me want to return to Italy over and over again.


My other body of work demonstrates my concern with the contemporary beauty culture and the things women do to fit the prescriptions set by this culture to be "beautiful." I document the processes and the tools used in what are normally private activities for women of all ages.

These photographs, taken together, form their own picture of my life as an artist. Both are important. One makes a statement about a particular facet of life today that we as women face and should be confronted, and the other, what I find personally inspiring, making me want to learn more, travel more, and photograph more.